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Easy, Free, Secure

  • Free
  • No account required
  • Client-side encryption
  • Password never leaves your computer
  • Recourier cannot retrieve your password, even if required to by law
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What is This?

Recourier allows you to send a secure, encrypted message to anyone. All messages are encrypted before they leave your browser and your password is never transmitted to our servers.

This means that no one, not even Recourier, can recover your password, even if required to by law.

Interested in the technical details? Click here for more information.

How Does it Work?

Recourier is easy to use. You can send a message to anyone for free, and no account is required.

To send a message:

  1. Fill out the form and provide a password only you and the recipient know.
  2. Optional: Provide the recipient's email address and we will email them with a link to the encrypted message.
  3. Optional: Provide your email address so that the recipient knows who the message is from. You can also choose to receive a copy of the email.
  4. Optional: Provide a password hint for the recipient. This should be something only the two of you would know, for example: "Grandma's phone number when we were kids".
    • Do NOT write the actual password in the password hint box.
    • The password hint is never stored on Recourier's servers and cannot be recovered. It is only emailed to the recipient.
  5. Click send, and we will provide you with a link to the encrypted message that you can copy and send to the recipient. Don't lose this link, as it cannot be recovered!
  6. For maximum security, messages are automatically deleted after 30 days, even if they are never read.

To read an encrypted message:

  1. Obtain the link from the recipient or copy it from the notification email.
  2. Type in the password.
  3. Click the button to decrypt and read the message.